Randal Benjamin Top 3 Steps Basketball Players Need to Know to Exploit a Rebound

People who play basketball regularly know the importance of capitalizing on a rebound. It is the opportunity they can’t afford to miss. When a player misses a shot, the ball generally bounces off the edge of hoop or backboard. One of his/her teammates then attempts to catch it and take another shot.

On the other hand, when one of their opposing team members gain control of the ball. This player then launches a counterattack. The objective is to sprint to the other side of the court and score a point.  However, for this to happen, he/she has to get into the right position at the appropriate moment.

Moreover, he/she always have to keep their eyes on the movements of the ball. It is also important for such player to remain alert and calm at this stage. Only then can he/she achieve thes goal.

Randal Benjamin How to capitalize on a rebound?

Many people in Las Vegas, Nevada love watching a good basketball match. However, very few of them share the same passion for the game as Randal Benjamin. He has the distinction of being a proficient player in the sport at college and professional level. He loves to share his views of the sport with other individuals. He even goes out of his way to young children of various age groups how to play the game. He is ardent Los Angeles Lakers fan and never misses any of their matches. However, he still admires the players of the Oakland Raiders.

Randal Benjamin Top 3 Steps Basketball Players Need to Know to Exploit a Rebound

This basketball fan says players looking to exploit a rebound need to remember the following three important steps:

  1. Getting into the right position

When basketball player attempts a shot, the other participants gather around the hoop. These individuals consist of his/her teammates and opponents. One of them has to get in the right position even before the ball is in the air. While doing so, he/she should not obstruct his/her teammates. At the same time, he/she should stay clear of his/her opponents. Only then can he/she grab the ball and run to the other side to set up a shot.

  1. Remain a low level to the ground

A basketball player may not be in a good position to take a shot at the hoop. In such a case, he/she should remain low to the ground to exploit a rebound. This enables him/her to jump and catch the ball when the opportunity arises. Moreover, he/she has to fend off opponents who are trying to do the same thing. Experts refer to this process as ‘boxing out.’ He/she needs to crouch slightly to the grounds to outmaneuver his/her opponents to catch the ball.

  1. The arms should spread out

After securing a good position, the player should spread his/her arms wide open. This serves two important purposes. He/she has a better chance of catching the ball on the rebound. Secondly, it helps to keep their opponents at bay. Then when the opportunity arises, he/she can jump up and grab the basketball. He/she can proceed to take a shot or launch a counterattack.

Randal Benjamin says a rebound is an opportunity every basketball player needs to exploit. While doing so, he/she needs to keep in mind the above three important steps. Only can he/she expect to score a point for his/her team.