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Usage Solar Backpacks: Choice Energy Resource for Eco-Friendly Living 0

The knapsack is a crucial day-to-day energy item for pupils, functioning experts and also those on a lengthy outing, experience trip etc. Why not consider the idea of carrying a solar knapsack instead of your normal one. In this post, you will find how outstanding these portable knapsacks are and how they can maintain your tiny gadgets billed when on the go. The solar knapsacks also called solar bags are really comparable to the traditional laptop computer backpack with a distinction.

Excellent Energy Source throughout Emergency Situations

These fashionable knapsacks have actually incorporated photovoltaic panels on the subjected external surface. This type of distinctively created bags can serve more than a storage space item. These knapsacks are made with particularly installed light-weight photovoltaic panels offering outstanding renovation to the all-natural sunrays. There are solar batteries on these bags to transform the solar energy right into electric power suitable for charging your devices and gadgets. When exposed to the sunshine, the photovoltaic panels begin billing the photovoltaic cells automatically.

Secret Benefits of Utilizing Solar Backpacks

When on a journey, it is not constantly feasible to find a place to bill the vital gadgets. Throughout such emergency situations particularly when in forest safari or sports exploration, you will never ever run except battery cost making use of these bags. There is a weatherproofing defense on the photovoltaic panels and other parts of these knapsacks. Minor exposure to rain, dirt or snow does not affect the performance of the solar panels. Visit here

Hassle-free Source of Green Power When Outdoors

Usage Solar Backpacks: Choice Energy Resource for Eco-Friendly Living

Today people choose to lug hiking backpacks with preinstalled photovoltaic panels to maintain them going with their mobile tools throughout outdoor camping, trips etc. It is important to keep in mind that the photovoltaic cell batteries in these backpacks attached to the photovoltaic panels are little and not suitable for charging bigger gadgets like laptop computers. However, if you are carrying Powerbank, Smartphones, Mp3 players, or electronic camera throughout a trip, the solar backpack can be useful for partially charging such gadgets. The solar knapsacks have actually come to be very popular amongst pupils on the expedition, journey trips and far more.

Which Software application do you Require to Run a CNC Cutting Machine? 0

Which Software application do you Require to Run a CNC Cutting Machine?

A CNC warm cable foam cutter is a computer system regulated machine made use of for primarily cutting Polystyrene foam and also comparable products, such as polypropylene and also polyethylene. The machine includes a cable running in between 2 towers, which is heated up by means of warm cable power supply, hence melting and also cutting the foam right into the preferred form. The towers can relocate an X-Axis (right-left) and a Y-Axis (up-down).

3 fundamental actions

Cutting the foam is carried out in 3 fundamental actions:

  1. Attracting the preferred form to be reduced.
  2. Transforming the form right into G-Code
  3. Running the machine with the software application to implement the wanted form.

Any kind of Cad devices, such as Automobile Cad or Corel Attract can be utilized for attracting the form, as long as the documents can be conserved in a DXF layout. CAD suggests Computer-aided Style. It is a modelling device utilized to create contours and numbers in the 2-dimensional area (2D) or cricut explore air wireless setup, surface areas and items in a three-dimensional area (3D). There are numerous CAD data in the marketplace. Extra preferred ones consist of Immediate Designer 14, which can be acquired online for a couple of bucks, DesignCAD, AutoCAD and TurboCAD.


Which Software application do you Require to Run a CNC Cutting Machine?

One more Cad device software program is DevFoam that incorporates both the illustration and also the G-Code generation. It is an easy to use application for cutting foam with a 4 Axis CNC machine. Following action is to transform the form right into G-Code. The G-Code is an additional name for the digital device through which we inform the machine what to reduce and also just how to suffice. For the conversion, one can make use of software application such as DeskCNC, DevCad or FoamWorks.

Digital money in Neopoints 0

Ultimately I aged and began to detect the ads a bit a lot more clearly as they came to be increasingly more noticeable, and sometime around 2003 I fell out of the behavior and couldn’t select it back up no matter the number of times I tried. However the site was still going strong: in June 2005, Viacom acquired the firm for $160 million. During that time, the website flaunted 92 million accounts and 30 million distinct customers, 39% of whom were 13 and under, and 57% of whom were women. There were trading cards, plushest, economical PS1 video games, ads on Nickelodeon, and also talks of a film in the works. Neopets had actually come to be a veritable cash cow. Or Kau Whichever.

Naturally, the site also had its very own online money in Neopoints, which gamers utilize to buy and sell digital items such as Buy Neopoints paintbrushes for turning your pets different colours, code stones for educating them, eggs and remedies to spawn rarer pets, prize map items, things for “Faerie Quests”; basically anything you can envision. You can after that select to trade, sell, purchase, and auction those items with fellow individuals.

Fact purchase things

You earn Neopoints by playing the websites thousands of video games in what’s more or less the Neopets equivalent of grinding; the much more you play, a lot more you make. Yet whatever I did back then, it never quite felt like sufficient to in I intended to buy. The asking rate for rarer things was constantly simply beyond my reach. As it ends up, this might not have been a figment of my money-grubbing preadolescent creativity. Instead, it might have been an indicator of the fast-rising cost of living in the Neopian economic climate. Over the course of the game’s background, it got a lot even worse before it improved.

Digital money in Neopoints

If you’re an early twenty-something Internet user with a fair grasp of HTML and an uncommon propensity for omelets, probabilities are you got both of those traits from playing Neopets at some time in your life. First launched in 1999, the website was the type of like an increased version of Pokémon: you obtained your own virtual family pets and a whole world to discover with them.

DIY Guide to Installing Decorative Light Switch Plates 0

DIY Guide to Installing Decorative Light Switch Plates

While we rarely come into a call with the light bulb on the ceiling, rarely a day goes by when we don’t snap a light on. And securing us from 110 volts of searing power that could actually crinkle your hair are the age-old, dependable wall button plates, thanks to Anonymous. Of course, switch plates aren’t just about security any type of longer. Today they’re regarding design. Where they when came in white, beige and also brownish, switch plates can be found in a cornucopia of colors and also designs that would have old Tom and also Ben standing there for days in Home Depot, going over their alternatives.

So, what do you search for in-wall switch plates for your home? The initial thing you require to do is take an inventory. The number of single switches, how many increases, triples as well as quads do you have in your residence? Back then, light buttons just had two switches, one for on and one for off. Today there are paddle buttons, sliders, dimmers and also the old flip button. Take a look at each button as well as find out which ones you need. Look out for the harder mixes, such as two paddles and also a dimmer. These can influence your choices when you go shopping.

Leisure activity

DIY Guide to Installing Decorative Light Switch Plates

If you’re simply replacing cracked or discolored wall surface switch plates, you can possibly find a match at a neighborhood equipment store. If you’re seeking to change all the button layers in space or your entire residence, you can not just shop your local huge hardware shop but also go on the internet. The glass light dimmer switches are literally thousands of choices out there, in every shade, style as well as material. If there is a theme, leisure activity or passion out there, you can locate button plates to match. Plastic is the old wait, however you can get change plates in porcelain, steel, lightweight aluminum, copper, ceramic or perhaps blown glass. Each has its very own distinct design and also suit your house.

One of the terrific features of wall surface switch plates is they are all criterion. The screw openings on all plates are conventional, so all you have to fret about is the variety of buttons you have and also the kind. From there, you can find a style and material that fits your needs. And if you can not discover the ideal wall surface switch plates for that dimmer button in your home, get a plate for a routine button. The blog post the dimmer handle fits in goes throughout as well as the round knob covers the port.

To Grow Relationships is essential for real estate agents 0

To Grow Relationships is essential for real estate agents

If you’re right here reviewing this, you’re likely a real estate representative who is aiming to Improve your business. As agents, we usually see other representatives and also obtain marketed on the concept of sending out snail mail, paying large dollars to a list building service, or registering for a common website. The fact is that sales have to do with growing relationships, sustaining existing connections, as well as acquiring references. Usually as real estate agents, we rush around searching for any individual and everybody that could ever intend to get or market any piece of building ever before. This can become frustrating, as well as lots of representatives wind up feeling like they are spinning their wheels up until they lastly shut a couple of deals and also obtain a few referrals. Numerous representatives only have a sputtering irregular business and also frequently feel they are constantly starting their business over and over again.

To Grow Relationships is essential for real estate agents

Some real estate representatives locate that they can garner the very same result from making use of just their Facebook account. In the future, Can h vincity might come to be tiresome for you and also irritating for your customers as your personal articles and also your business posts may obtain tangled in a mess. Maintain the entire process streamlined and also manageable by developing and also keeping a separated web page.

Business posts

The days when a monthly e-newsletter sufficed to keep your network upgraded on your business deals are long gone. With Facebook, real estate representatives continually stay top-of-mind of their potential customers on a continuous basis. As soon as you have a business page you can conveniently create telling web content and also blog post twice a week e.g. as soon as with pertinent short article or most current taking place, and second with a listing. Additionally, you can update your page’s banner frequently with the current rapid house sales.

Currently Buying Cheap Laptops Is Easier Because of Online Retailers 0

Currently Buying Cheap Laptops Is Easier Because of Online Retailers

Many individuals believe that acquiring a laptop calls for great deals of cash. They are not aware of the truth that is currently purchasing inexpensive laptops is fairly less complicated than ever. Laptops have constantly been thought about expensive belonging that uses lot several individuals in addition to expert benefits to the proprietor. Their portable styles and ingenious attributes have assisted in producing an international need for these mobile phones. And with the appearance of numerous laptop creating firms around the world, the costs of laptops have taken a southward change. This is great information for individuals happy to possess this useful device.

Today, laptops are the product of the affordable market. For this reason, obtaining low-cost laptops is not that challenging, as the majority of the laptop computer manufacturers often tend to decrease their costs in order to endure the competitors. In addition, different permutations and also mixes of functions and devices figure out the rate of the laptops. If you deal with a reduced allocate your laptop computer acquisition, you can select a laptop computer with marginal devices and also fundamental functions.

So, purchasing low-cost fastest chromebook laptops well within your spending plan is feasible however you require being extremely certain concerning the functions and also devices that you wish to have. In a lot of the fundamental kinds of laptops, you will locate a word processing program, an Internet web browser and also a sound/graphics card.


Currently Buying Cheap Laptops Is Easier Because of Online Retailers

You require to see whether these performances meet your laptop computer’s demands or otherwise. It is necessary to comprehend that your laptop computer needs to be of excellent usage to fulfill your fundamental requirements. The rate must not be the single requirements to acquire a laptop computer. Its setup is more crucial that will establish its functionality for you. A sophisticated, quick and innovative laptop computer might shed an opening in your pocket. So, you can choose from among the affordable laptops offered on the market and also update it according to your demand and also you’re spending plan.

How Do You Set Up Xbox Live Without a Wireless Adapter? 0

How Do You Set Up Xbox Live Without a Wireless Adapter?

Xbox 360 is a terrific pc gaming console that includes among the very best graphics. A computer game can be presented on HD on this video gaming console. There are different video games of various categories that you can use the Xbox 360. You can play journey, battling, RPG, Sports, competing for video games and also various other categories of a computer game with the Xbox 360.

And like any type of various another console, you can attach 2 or even more controllers on the Xbox 360 and have fun with your pals. However if your close friends cannot come and also have fun with you, you can still have fun with various other gamers with the Xbox Live.

How do you establish Xbox Live on a wired network?

There are 2 approaches to do this. Both techniques depend upon where your modem is and where you wish to establish your Xbox Live. Below are both techniques:

Just how do you establish Xbox Live in a wired network in the exact same space as your computer system?

  1. If your modem is currently attached to a router, and also your computer system is attached to a router, continue to tip 4. Otherwise, do the complying with

a.If your computer system wifi signal extender is straight attached to a modem, after that disconnect the network cord from the computer system and links it to the router utilizing the port called the Internet, WAN, or WLAN.

How Do You Set Up Xbox Live Without a Wireless Adapter?

b.If your computer system is linked to the net, after that obtain a network cord, attach one upright the modem, and attach the various other to the router’s Internet, WAN, or WLAN port.

  1. Plug in your router and also transform it on. See if the Internet, WAN, or WLAN light turns eco-friendly, which shows an effective link. Otherwise, examine if your modem is additionally on and if your network wires are damaged.
  2. Obtain one more network wire, connect it on any type of port of the router, and also connect the various another end of the cable television on your computer system.

Is a Free Laptop Offer From a Mobile Broadband Service Provider? 0

Is a Free Laptop Offer From a Mobile Broadband Service Provider?

When resorting to the web to get a brand-new laptop, you are most likely to see bargains that provide you with a cost-free laptop when you register for a mobile broadband agreement. The concern is whether this kind of laptop bargain appropriates for you.  these offers have confirmed prominent among UK customers. However, there are a variety of aspects to take into consideration prior to joining.

For the majority of people, the monetary facet of a complimentary laptop offer will be the vital component of whether such a bargain appropriates for them. If you have restricted funds, after that a cost-free laptop offer can be one means to expand the expenses of a brand-new laptop. A laptop can be an essential acquisition for youths and trainees that desire it to aid with their researches.

Laptop as a financial investment

They might watch acquiring a laptop as a financial investment, as having their very own computer system can make their research studies a lot easier. Whilst a university or College is most likely to have computer systems offered for pupil usage, it’s still not the like the complete ease of your very own best budget chromebook. Although the cost of laptop computers has boosted over the last 10 years, it’s still an acquisition in the thousands of extra pounds, and also the complete expense of a brand-new laptop can typically be hard to satisfy.

Is a Free Laptop Offer From a Mobile Broadband Service Provider?

It needs to be kept in mind that a cost-free laptop offer is efficiently a reduced passion car loan, which will just be supplied based on your credit rating standing, i.e., a credit report check will  be executed. The reality that the offer consists of mobile broadband accessibility raises the worth suggestion contrasted to purchasing simply a laptop alone on debt. These offers can be considered as the laptop matching of smartphone agreements. Similar to any type of regular monthly agreement, you need to be certain that you will have the ability to fulfil all the future month-to-month repayments.

Ferret Treatment Tips – Clutter Training & ” Proofing” Your Residence 0

Ferret Treatment Tips - Clutter Training & " Proofing" Your Residence

You have done your research on those charming little ferrets and believe that they are the perfect family pet for you. They are simply adorable and a great firm to you and your family members. Before you bring them home, it is ideal that you find out a couple of straightforward points on ferret treatment.

The most vital one is to train them to utilize the can. It is incredibly true that they can be trained to make use of a can much like pet cats or pets. Prior to you allow your brand-new ferret roam openly around your house, you have to think about taking a few preventative actions to make sure that it does not go away from your site. For more

Difficult working in training

Ferret Treatment Tips - Clutter Training & " Proofing" Your Residence

You ought to never let a brand-new animal loose in your home without training it prior to hand. You must allow it to recognizes with the brand-new location before letting it loose. It would be a good idea to wait numerous weeks to allow it to get acquainted with you and your house. It is also crucial to instruct your new how to make use of a can to make your life simpler. If you are you’re, it will make use of the can about 75% of the moment. There are ferrets that will constantly utilize the can yet it depends on your ferret, so be prepared to clean after them.

It can take numerous hrs a day of your priceless time for several months in order to educate your ferret to use the can. The even more attention you devote to it, the more likely you will have a well-skilled ferret. The means to begin your can training is to allow your ferret to run around a tiny room like a washroom initially. Usually, ferrets will go within a couple of minutes of getting up or after they have consumed. When your initially gets up, you require to position it in the can. Do not let it come out until it has actually bowel movement. Once it has actually finished doing it, immediately provide it a reward. The function is to try to train the ferret to connect going in the litter box and bowel movement first with obtaining a treat.

Web hosting – An Overview for Beginners 0

Web hosting - An Overview for Beginners

So you want to learn more about web hosting and what it has to provide or you may not recognize much concerning web hosting? There is no embarrassment in not understanding this information. Everyone has to begin at the start at some factor. On that note, let’s start finding out about web hosting To begin with, what is web hosting and how does it function?

Web hosting is a business practice of providing room and transmission capacity on a high-powered computer system server that is attached to the Internet at really high speeds. Hosting companies keep huge networks of high-powered web server computer systems in a physical location known as an information centre. These computer web servers are connected to an extremely quick, and normally repetitive, Find the cheapest hosting service online Web connection. The data centres have key and backup power, a fast link to the Net, and security keeping track of the team.

Types of web hosting

The web hosting companies provide a share of disk space and offered bandwidth to a consumer for a regular monthly cost. As soon as the client is subscribed, they can submit data to their personal area on the internet server and the information is after that readable to any person interested on the Internet. The month-to-month the host company fees is a lot less than what it would cost to run a web server out of your very own house or information centre. This is the factor these firms exist. They take care of all the hardware, software application, and various other technological needs for you.

Web hosting - An Overview for Beginners

There are various kinds of web hosting deals, however the major 3 are shared, reseller, and devoted. Each sort of hosting is for a various function. Shared Host Shared web hosting is the most popular type of hosting. Shared hosting is a section of disk space and transmission capacity offered to you by the web hosting firm on a high-powered server. There are many other websites hosted on this web server, and the hosting firm is likely to have quite a few of these servers in a large data centre. The sources of the web server are shared by as lots of other websites as are assigned to that computer system.

A great deal of gift card exchange websites 0

For the shrewd purchaser, this indicates a much bigger selection to pick from and rates that could be 15-20% percent lower than they go to other times during the remainder of the year. For prospective vendors, it might be an excellent incentive to wait however not as well long. Some gift cards which have expiration days or charge costs when they go unredeemed are prohibited from some majority of online internet sites to prevent problems.

Secondly, you need to ponder what to buy and sell. While it is not easy to distinguish a periodic browse through to these websites, constant used buyers and sellers comprehend that not every made use of the card mygiftcardsite balance is an excellent bargain. The majority of cards sell for 10 to fifteen percent off their full stated value. Note that a thirty to forty percent decrease is thought about to be an exceptional bargain. However, the appeal of the store and condition of the card are crucial in identifying whether a used card is actually worth its price.

Vacation gift cards

They are out of proportion in their supply and need and have signed a lot more vendors than buyers on any given day. Nonetheless, during an initial couple of weeks at the first of every year, particularly in the month of January after the holidays, that discrepancy is intensified when the marketplace is swamped with unwanted. Various other peak period consists of the weeks after comparable preferred gift providing holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mom’s & Daddy’s Day.

A great deal of gift card exchange websites

If you consider it from a customer’s point of view, the largest deals can be located at national retailers that have numerous distinct presence. Cards from those nationwide store chains take longer to sell, in most cases, and are commonly at discount rates of 20 percent or higher. Smaller regional stores often sell at fifteen to twenty percent off due to the fact that there are less prospective buyers and a smaller demand. Bigger seller cards profession at a larger discount after the vacations given that so many impulse buys are made that the secondary market is flooded with second-hand gift cards. Currently, if you watch this from a seller’s viewpoint, gift cards that regulate the most cash are for big-box retailers and price cut chains.

Meditation as well as Deep Relaxation With Your Outdoor Gravity Chair 0

Meditation as well as Deep Relaxation With Your Outdoor Gravity Chair

The masters at NASA first created this style of chair or furniture to be utilized to assist room vacationers in surviving the extreme forces of lift off and gravity. What they after that found was that the exact same concepts can be applied to a regular, everyday chair and that using it actually brought health and wellness benefits to those that utilize it. A zero gravity recliner is not such as a regular chair whatsoever. They are created to tilt and recline at a particular angle to make sure that the reduced legs as well as feet are increased over the degree of the heart. This simple positioning of the body allows for the back as well as core muscular tissues to be launched of tension and also the weight of the body sustained fully.

 Best discomfort relief

The unique angle also enhances blood circulation around your body as well as likewise decreases the customer’s blood pressure as an added advantage. There are additional versions of zero gravity reclining chair that have the tilting and also angle features powered by an electrical motor. This zero gravity chair review  assists the user in a number of ways. Firstly, for those with limited movement and also issues with persistent discomfort as well as bone and joint problems, it will enable you to enter into the proper position that offers you the best discomfort relief. Being able to alter the angle and altitude of each private component of the zero gravity recliner chair the user will have the ability to discover the wonderful place where any discomfort as well as stress is decreased one of the most.

Elevation comfort

Meditation as well as Deep Relaxation With Your Outdoor Gravity Chair

Secondly, it will certainly enable optimum comfort. Some individuals choose to make use of a zero gravity chair at a totally put down angle for resting and kicking back but others use it for various other recreation such as being made use of as a gaming chair or a TELEVISION chair. Whilst still maintaining the proper elevation for the very best health and wellness advantage, you can also move the other sections to just how you require them.

Make Your Organisation Look Wonderful by utilizing Free Invoice Templates 0

Make Your Organisation Look Wonderful by utilizing Free Invoice Templates

Every company owner understands that invoicing consumers for solutions and also products is an essential action. Nevertheless, preparing billings over and also over once more could end up being dull. Consequently, the aid of an invoice theme appears fantastic.


A great invoicing task will certainly make you look extra expert, yet at the very same time, it will certainly allow you to arrange your billings much faster as well as easier. In addition, every invoice is individualized. This implies that all billings adhere to the exact same style or format and also change tax obligation handling or accounting right into a basic job.

Requirement templates

Make Your Organisation Look Wonderful by utilizing Free Invoice Templates

Criterion templates consist of fundamental aspects that are required in order to produce extensive billings. Along with this, the templates are made in such a way that enables you to consist of the logo design, address, and company name and also different other get in touch with details right into their layout. Free invoice templates actually the information pointed out over, the customers has it less complicated to comprehend that the billings originate from your service. Even more on, the customers can send repayments; handle management jobs as well as lots of various other points. The typical billings will certainly be of fantastic help in the management tasks.

Bear in mind that expertise, as well as performance, are the fundamental devices to produce a superior task. The primary benefit when it pertains to a layout of this kind is the opportunity to accelerate the basic procedure of invoicing without messing up the top quality as well as the expertise of the task. This is why a layout of this kind will certainly do marvels for your organization. You will certainly discover a lot of billings online. Different websites show billings that can be downloaded and install in different styles (PDF, Word, Excel). A few of them are at no cost while others call for specific costs. Great deals of the costs paid are standard as well as restricted in regards to capability.

The Samsung LN32D450 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV Is A Television That Almost Everybody Can Manage 0

The Samsung LN32D450 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV Is A Television That Almost Everybody Can Manage

You may discover this astounding however there are a lot of individuals who have not been able to pay for the new flat display Television Set and are still using their old Televisions. When it comes to me, I additionally directly updated my TVs to the flat screen since the rate has decreased to the factor where I might manage to pay for them. One other point you might recognize is that not only are they extra affordable, however, they may currently be priced so you can afford them also. You will undoubtedly discover that the Samsung LN32D450 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV is just one of the flat display televisions that you might be able to possess currently.

First off, we want to talk about is the price of this specific TV. If you acquire this TV from, you will certainly locate that you can choose this up for a simple $279.11. Another thing I better mention is that you will not have to pay added for shipping at will ship it to you free. Naturally, if you are just one of the individuals that have been maintaining tabs on the price of these tvs, you already comprehend what a good deal this is.

The Samsung LN32D450 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV Is A Television That Almost Everybody Can Manage

This is an excellent sized TV also, as you would nearly definitely end up paying a great deal much more in different shops for a TV of this size. As an issue of fact, as you can currently inform from the description of this level screen TV, it is a very excellent 32-inch display. Of course, this TELEVISION did not cut corners on the quality of the TELEVISION considering that you will also locate that it comes complete with 32-inch digital photo frames at

Some of you will also value the fact that the Samsung LN32D450 is powered by LED innovation and this is genuinely a massive upgrade from your old television. One thing you will undoubtedly discover concerning this modern technology is that you will undoubtedly require much less power to power the Samsung LN32D450 level display TV than you need with your old fashioned tv.

Domain Registration – Changing Your Website URL 0

Domain Registration - Changing Your Website URL

One more enjoyable means to present your new residence is to maintain your friends and family presuming an existing picture of your brand-new residence as a blank web page and also consist of a teaser that says, “You will just have to come over to see the new residence for yourself!” Besides sending a change of address to your friends and family, one more crucial thing to do is to send a standard notice to the “utility” members of your life. These might include all your credit card, cell phone and insurance companies, or perhaps your business gets in touches with. To do this, simply grab a routine change of address note from your neighborhood blog post office.

Making a change of address announcement earlier (or before you move) can give you assurance understanding. USPS hold your mail is definitely worth making the initiative to do it. Domain name registration is the most crucial step to take when establishing a website, although not really the initial step. The primary step to take is to choose a good domain!

Details products

Your domain is the name of your online existence. Treatment should be taken into picking a great domain name, because it will live with you permanently (while you are on the Internet!). Keep in mind that a domain is inextricably linked to your website. You can not have the one without the other. I when had clients who registered a website in their firm name as well as desired me to change it after a number of months to the much shorter abbreviation of the firm name.

 Domain Registration - Changing Your Website URL

This cannot be done without harming your online visibility! If you had put any type of effort at all right into constructing your website and advertising it on the web to make sure that it comes to be visible; and also if you have actually begun to see those efforts pay off in the form of targeted site visitors who involved your site seeking the details products and/or services that you are using, be prepared to lose several of that if you really wish to take the radical step of altering your domain name after your site has actually already been developed.